We know games. We know advertising. We know how to bring them together. We do in-game advertising.

A New Perception of Digital Advertising.

We create Custom, Native advertising solutions within Desktop, Browser-based,

Social and Mobile games.

By placing targeted ads within the game environment at precise moments, we actively engage users and enhance their game experience.


TokenAds provides sophisticated Ad solutions built within a native SDK, to enhance the user mobile gaming experience across all mobile platforms & screens. Tokenads` cutting edge technologies form a small but powerful Ad solutions SDK, that provides a complete & effective mobile experience for the benefit of all developers, advertisers and gamers around the world.


As social game playing became the biggest trend since Disco music, TokenAds now provides an experience enhancing ad product, giving the users the most complete gaming experience ever. TokenAds allows brands and game developers to cooperate in the most effective manner by allowing in game brand sponsorships seamlessly integrated into the game.

Desktop & Browser

TokenAds specialises in  providing end-to-end game engagement solutions to globally leading online advertisers and developers. Our innovative solutions are  targeted to maximise and enhance the user’s gaming experience, while providing real advertising added value.

Benefits - Creating success one partnership at a time


Diversified ad formats

Diversified ad formats to engage with the user in various placements in & out of the game

Non Disruptive

A Non-Disruptive & Native user experience your user will actually enjoy

100% Global Coverage

Geo-Localised user base monetization on a global scale, including; Asia, Europe and Latam

Native integration

Allowing for a true native, seamless integration …………………………

Constant optimization

Constant optimization to maintain high engagement & eCPM rates


Unique advertising

Unique advertising formats across all platforms and screens

User Centric

User centric ad engagement that improves both user experience & brand recognition

True Global Reach

Localized campaigns, managed by a dedicated team of professionals

Engage and target

Native placements within premium mobile & social apps

ROI Focused

A Truly ROI focused – Performance oriented platform

Selected Partners

“We did numerous co-promotions so far with excellent results. I obviously recommend TokenAds”.


Yugene Choi, Marketing Manager, OGPlanet

“Proactive in their approach and committed to maximizing value         of users”.


Mattieu Chapelle, Billing Mgr, Galanet EU

“TokenAds is a must-have provider. we are very pleased with TokenAds’ performance and we know our users are         happy too”

Linus J. Menden - SCP of Finance, Bigpoint

“TokenAds made sure to understand our product and users, enabling perfectly tailored offers and immediate revenue”

Branko Milutinović - CEO Nordeus:

Who is TokenAds?

About Us

TokenAds is a leading global in-game advertising company that develops custom, scalable, native advertising solutions for web, social, and mobile games. By placing targeted ads within the game environment at precise moments, we actively engage users and enhance their experience. This enhanced user experience leads to increased positive brand recognition and higher performance. At TokenAds, advertising and video games are our passion and not just our job. Our team is composed of experts from both fields, who are continually working together to create innovative solutions for the digital world

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