TokenAds Privacy Policy

Dear valued user,

At TokenAds we are committed to your privacy. Maintaining the privacy and integrity of your information is of great importance to us. If you would like to see our privacy policy include something else, then please get in contact with us.
Please see below an overview of our data protection policies. This Privacy policy may change from time to time. In such a case, TokenAds will post an announcement directing you to this page for an update.

The policy below is referring to the TokenAds data collection policy, we recommend that you read the sponsors' terms & conditions before taking part in an offer.

TokenAds is a trading name of Social Tokens Ltd., a private company limited by shares.

Collection of information

TokenAds collects information from you when you voluntarily provide it to TokenAds or one of its partners by registering to a service operated by TokenAds. (e.g. in standard forms or otherwise on the websites and services operated by TokenAds)

We may also collect information about you that we receive from other business partners. TokenAds will automatically receive information from your browser that includes IP-address, the TokenAds cookie information, and the web page you requested. This information is used to continually improve the performance and usability of our service, as well as report to and from our business partners about offer completed on our system.

Use of your information and User Data

TokenAds uses the collected information for the following objectives: to match our advertising actions to the content showed to you, to improve our service, to contact you, to research and to produce anonymous reports for internal use and external clients and to report to our partners who will award you with credits.

Information forwarding to third parties

TokenAds can access and forward personal information, if there is a reasonable suspicion that this action is necessary for the following reasons: to abide to regulation or legal obligations, to protect TokenAds’ properties and rights, to execute contracts, to protect the personal security of TokenAds’ users or to identify and avoid fraudulent activities.

TokenAds shows targeted offers that are based on personal information. This way, advertising partners can show offers to particular targeted groups.

Personal information is not accessible to the Advertiser, when you select or complete an offer. Through the interaction with an advertisement, you are agreeing to advertising companies sending targeted offers to your profile, when you are part of the targeted group.


TokenAds will place a cookie on your computer and then access it later, in order to associate certain Internet-related information about you, such as your Internet Protocol address and what Web browser you are using, with certain of your online behaviors, such as opening or clicking on a particular online advertisement. Additionally, TokenAds allows other companies, that are integrated on our website, to place their own cookies on your computer and access them later. In the use of cookies by other companies their own Privacy Policy will apply.


In order to provide for a better understanding of this Privacy Policy, the most important terms are explained hereinafter:

What is an IP-address?

An Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a numerical label that is assigned to devices use the internet for communication. IP-addresses serve to identify each computer, which is connected to the Internet. Each computer, which is connected to the Internet, can be identified by a specific IP-address, i.e. to a certain numerical combination.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that a website stores on the hard drive of your computer through the browser. The use of cookies allows TokenAds to enhance your experience when visiting services operated by TokenAds. TokenAds uses Cookies to, among other things, identify previous visitors to the website, identify a User as he or she navigates the website, track your visits and account set-ups, determine what set-ups are most frequently requested, track your offer completion performance, and identify your IP address with corresponding information in TokenAds’ database. TokenAds may use cookies to track individual responses or views of advertisements.

Cookies do not reveal a your Email address or other personal information. TokenAds does not use Cookies to collect, track, or store personal information.

The TokenAds Cookies will never be used to track your activity on any third-party websites or to send spam. It is possible to configure the browser to accept all Cookies, reject all Cookies or receive notifications when a Cookie is received. It is also possible to reject, delete or otherwise disable Cookies at any time. Though, you will not be able to do a complete use of this website. By using this website, you are agreeing to the processing of your data as described above for the previously defined objectives.


If you have questions regarding this privacy policy, please write an email to:
Our postal address:
Social Tokens Limited
PO Box 23205
Tel Aviv, 61231, Israel.